Mike Harwood

Mike Harwood is a seasoned music producer, sound engineer, and prolific writer with years of experience in the music industry. As the driving force behind Home Studio Genie, Mike has dedicated his career to helping aspiring musicians and producers unlock their full potential in home studio settings.


  • Bachelor of Music (B.Mus) in Sound Engineering from Berklee College of Music.
  • Certified Pro Tools Expert and Ableton Certified Trainer.
  • Published Author of “The Home Studio Starter Guide: A Guide to Music Production,” available on Amazon.

Career Highlights:

  • Worked with top artists contributing to multiple platinum-selling records.
  • Former Chief Sound Engineer at Electric Lady Studios, where he supervised a team of engineers and producers.
  • Frequent speaker and workshop leader at international music conferences, including NAMM and the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Conventions.
  • Founder of the online course series “Mastering Home Recording,” which has helped thousands of students worldwide elevate their home studio skills.

About Home Studio Genie:

Home Studio Genie is the go-to resource for anyone looking to turn their home into a professional-grade studio.

Through in-depth tutorials, gear reviews, and expert advice, Mike Harwood and his team provide invaluable insights into the world of home recording and music production.

The website covers a wide range of topics, from basic recording techniques to advanced mixing and mastering strategies.

Mission Statement:

Mike Harwood’s mission with Home Studio Genie is to democratize music production, making high-quality recording accessible to all.By sharing his extensive knowledge and experience, Mike empowers musicians and producers at all levels to create exceptional music from the comfort of their own homes.

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