21 Best AI Music Tools For Music Production (2024 Update)

Artificial intelligence has been a total game-changer, with new AI-powered apps popping up that aid in everything from chord progressions to mastering. 

These technologies analyze the patterns in music to generate original compositions and assist creators in expanding their creative visions.

 This updated list evaluates the Best AI Music Tools For Music Production available today. 

Let’s jump straight in.

Our Top Picks

AIVA – Best Overall

I’m blown away by AIVA’s creative capabilities. It analyzes genres and composers to generate royalty-free, original compositions. 

The AI even adds appropriate instruments and dynamics!

It isn’t cheap at $20/month, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve created amazing backing tracks with AIVA in minutes. Try the unlimited free trial to see for yourself.

Amadeus Code – Most User-Friendly

What I like about Amadeus Code is how easy it is. I just input some keywords about my desired style, length, instruments, etc., and boom – original AI-generated tunes in seconds!

It’s so intuitive. And at $4.99/month, this tool is a steal for hobbyists and pros alike.

Jampp – Best for EDM

As an EDM producer, Jampp is my go-to. Its AI studies your favorite EDM artists to create similar sounding beats, melodies, and effects.

I especially like the chord progression and melody generators. A subscription starts at $7/month.

Our Top 3 AI Tools Features

ToolPriceKey Features
AIVA$20/monthAnalyzes genres/composers to generate original compositions with appropriate instrumentation and dynamics
Amadeus Code$4.99/monthUser-friendly, generates original compositions from keywords
Jampp$7/monthCreates EDM beats, melodies, effects based on your favorite artists

Well, those are our top picks for AI music production tools right now. With the right one, you can take your music to the next level fast. Let me know if you have any other faves!

Let’s continue with our list.

Best AI Music Tools For Music Production

Magenta Studio

Magenta Studio is an open-source tool from Google’s Magenta project for experimenting with machine learning for music generation. 

It allows anyone to play with models like MusicVAE, Performance RNN, and NSynth to create and manipulate sounds. 

Magenta Studio is accessible right in the browser with no need to install software or have technical skills. It’s great for musicians looking to explore AI-powered music creation.

Orb Producer Suite

Orb producer suite

Orb Producer Suite is an AI assistant for electronic music production. It generates original melodies, chord progressions, and drum patterns to spark ideas or fill out a track. 

Producers can fine tune Orb’s suggestions or have it create full compositions

With genres like EDM, hip hop, and pop, it provides pro-sounding MIDI to jumpstart productions. Orb aims to save producers time and unlock new creativity.


Amper is an advanced AI music composer that creates original, royalty-free music tracks for videos, games, ads, or any project needing custom scoring.

It learns your creative preferences to generate adaptive music catered to your needs. 

Amper offers quick turnaround, requires no music skills to use, and provides full commercial rights. It’s an easy way to get custom, AI-generated music without hiring composers.


Aiva AI

AIVA stands for Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist and is the first AI system able to compose original music.

It uses deep learning and neural networks to create music emulating human composers. 

AIVA can produce unlimited variations and adapt compositions in any style from classical to pop. It allows artists to collaborate with AI to explore new creative possibilities in music. 


MuseNet is an AI model created by OpenAI to generate original songs programmatically.

After analyzing tens of thousands of MIDI files, MuseNet is able to compose music in many different genres and styles. 

Musicians can give it simple inputs like lyrics or melodies, and MuseNet will create an entire song from scratch. It provides a unique starting point when lacking inspiration.


Jukedeck uses machine learning algorithms to automatically compose royalty-free music for videos, presentations, games, and more.

Users can customize track length, style, instruments, mood, and other attributes. 

Within minutes, Jukedeck delivers a unique piece of quality music. For busy creators needing soundtrack music on demand, Jukedeck is an easy AI solution.


WavTool utilizes AI to separate any music track into stems for vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments. This allows producers to isolate, remove, and edit parts of a song. 

WavTool makes it easy to remix tracks, create karaoke versions, or sample elements even without the original stems.

The AI stems extraction works with just an MP3 or WAV file.


Brain.fm is an AI music platform designed to enhance focus, relaxation, and mental work.

Users select moods like Focus, Relax, or Sleep, and Brain.fm generates endless instrumental background music using AI. 

The compositions adapt in real-time to your brain activity to help induce desired mental states.

For personalized, functional music, Brain.fm aims to boost productivity and well-being.

Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music is an advanced AI composer that creates royalty-free, original soundtracks for film, TV, advertising, and other media. 

It analyzes emotions, contexts, and branding aesthetics to generate a custom score that matches the project’s tone and storytelling. 

Music is composed in any duration, style, and instrumentation.

For custom adaptive soundtracks made easy, Ecrett Music takes the work out of scoring.


Boomy uses AI to generate royalty-free music for videos, podcasts, games, or other media. Users input details like genre, length, and mood. 

Boomy then instantly creates a high-quality, original soundtrack using virtual instruments and session musicians. 

Having composed over 1 million songs, Boomy delivers professional music on demand without the need for composers.


Soundraw is an AI web application that creates original digital music files in seconds. 

Users set parameters like genre, mood, instruments, length, and more. Soundraw then utilizes AI to generate a unique composition matching the details. 

The royalty-free songs can be downloaded in MP3 format for any project in need of custom scoring. For music on demand, Soundraw provides an easy AI solution.


Tuney.io applies AI to extract the key, tempo, chords, and other musical details from audio files. 

It analyzes the technical qualities of a song to generate a detailed report. Musicians can upload tracks to better understand their properties. 

Tuney.io works with most audio formats to provide instant musical insights for production, practice, and analysis.

Google Tone Transfer

Google’s Tone Transfer utilizes machine learning to transfer the tonal qualities of one audio clip to another. 

Musicians can make an amateur recording sound like a pro performance or instrument simply by providing reference tracks. 

Tone Transfer matches pitch, timing, timbre, and expression to seamlessly transfer a desired musical style or sound.


Loudly is a mastering app powered by AI to automatically master songs. Users upload tracks and Loudly applies processing for loudness, clarity, and punch using intelligent algorithms. 

It adapts to each song’s qualities and desired loudness level. Loudly provides instant, high-quality mastering so musicians can skip manual work and quickly release tracks.

Focusrite FAST Verb

FAST Verb by Focusrite is a reverb plugin applying neural networks to simulate realistic acoustic spaces. 

Using AI and algorithms trained on real-world impulse responses, FAST Verb adds natural reverbs to vocals, instruments, and mixes. 

Engineers can adjust parameters like decay, damping, and more to fine-tune the virtual ambience generated.

Audiomodern Playbeat

Audiomodern Playbeat Music Radar

Playbeat by Audiomodern is a virtual drummer plugin powered by AI. It generates humanized, expressive drum patterns in real time for your tracks. 

By analyzing genre, feel, tempo, and more Playbeat creates adaptive beats to fit your production. 

With no samples, Playbeat provides unlimited drumming possibilities via machine learning intelligence.

BandLab SongStarter

songstarter 1

BandLab’s SongStarter helps kickstart musical ideas using AI. Users enter details like genre, mood, instruments, and tempo. 

SongStarter then generates original melodies and chord progressions to build off.

The MIDI patterns provide raw material to develop into full songs. 

For sparking inspiration, SongStarter provides a quick sketchpad of musical possibilities.


Lalal.ai utilizes AI to remove vocals from songs, leaving only the backing track. 

Using machine learning trained on thousands of vocal samples, it isolates and extracts the vocal elements from complex mixes.

Lalal.ai enables creating karaoke versions, remixing songs, or sampling instrumental parts with just the vocals removed.


Moises.ai is an AI music production assistant. It analyzes tracks to suggest improvements, detect issues, and compare loudness with commercial references. 

Moises provides feedback on elements like drums, vocals, and amplitude to help polish mixes and meet professional quality standards

For an extra set of AI-powered ears, Moises aims to elevate productions.

Dreamtonics Synthesiser V

prod2 1 1

Dreamtonics Synthesiser V uses AI to generate soundscapes, textures, pads, and evolving sound effects. 

Producers shape the tonality by adjusting high-level parameters for complexity, articulation, motion and more.

Powered by AI, Synthesiser V creates adaptive ambient backgrounds, underscore beds, and SFX on demand.

OpenAI – Muse Net

As mentioned earlier, OpenAI’s MuseNet utilizes deep learning to generate original music. 

After analyzing a huge dataset of MIDI songs, MuseNet is able to compose coherent melodies, chord progressions, and rhythms in a wide range of styles and genres. 

It provides creative inspiration and can even continue expanding on a short user-defined musical motif.


Soundful employs AI to compose background music for videos, games, podcasts and other media.

Users set the length, style, instrument mood, and editability. 

Soundful then instantly generates a unique, royalty-free soundtrack using virtual instruments.

For custom adaptive scoring, Soundful provides an AI-powered solution.

Landr Studio

Landr Studio is a cloud production suite integrating AI mastering and distribution. Musicians can record, produce, and release tracks end-to-end. 

Landr’s AI masters songs automatically by learning from millions of data points. For publishing, it delivers content to major platforms. Landr Studio streamlines music creation through AI.

Wrapping Up – Best AI Music Tools For Music Production

After reviewing my top picks, it’s clear there are some amazing AI tools that can significantly benefit music producers. The key is finding one that aligns with your specific needs and budget. 

I highly recommend taking advantage of free trials to test these tools out firsthand. See what inspires new creative directions or helps speed up your workflow. 

At the end of the day, AI is there to enhance human artistry, not replace it. These technologies can help you reach new creative heights with your musical production today.

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