How To Install Serum VST in FL Studio (Easy 2024 Guide)

Much like a lot of music producers, we love using Serum VST our my FL Studio projects. Serum is one of the most powerful and game-changing VST synth plugins ever created. 

The wavetable oscillator and visual interface make sound design easy and intuitive. If you produce electronic music, you need Serum in your plugin arsenal.

Installing Serum into FL Studio is quick and easy. So even if you’re a beginner, the process is simple enough. 

In this post, I’ll walk you through the whole process, step-by-step. 

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  1. Serum’s Features: Serum is known for its clean, low-aliasing wavetables, quality filters and effects, zappy envelopes, and highly malleable LFOs, making it a versatile and capable synthesizer.
  2. Serum’s Popularity: Serum is widely used by music producers and artists across various genres, including EDM, hip-hop, pop, and more.
  3. Serum’s Cost: The cost of Serum ranges from $189 to $209, depending on the vendor and whether it is purchased outright or through a rent-to-own scheme.

How To Install Serum Plugin In FL Studio?

If you’ve got an internet connection, all you’ll need to do is head over to the Xfer Serum website and download the installation file.

This will be the first step to getting Serum VST into FL Studio.

Here are the steps To Install Serum VST:

Step 1: Purchase and Download Serum

The first step is to purchase Serum from Xfer Records. You can buy it on their website for $189.

image 10

Check on the Xfer Website

Once you complete the transaction, Xfer will email you a download link. The download is around 160 MB.

We recommend installing Serum before opening FL Studio. This ensures the plugin gets scanned and registered properly on launch.

Step 2: Locate the FL Studio Plugin Folder

Now we need to find where FL Studio loads VST plugins from. This is normally:

C:/Program Files/Image-Line/FL Studio/Plugins

Take note of this location. We will install the Serum download here soon.

Step 3: Run the Serum Installer

  • Double-click on the Serum installer file you downloaded earlier.
image 11
  • The Serum installer will launch. Click “I Agree” to the license agreement.
  • On the next screen, choose the FL Studio VST plugin location we found earlier. This is normally in C:/Program Files/Image-Line/FL Studio/Plugins
  • Click “Install” and the Serum will be placed in the FL Studio plugins folder. 
image 12

Easy as that.

Step 4: Launch FL Studio and Scan Plugins

  • Fire up FL Studio.
  • Go to Options > Manage plugins. Click the scanner icon at the bottom left.
manage plugins f;l studio

This scans all plugin locations for new content. It will find the Serum plugin we just installed.

Once scanning finishes, close the plugin manager window.

Step 5: Load a Serum Instance

  • Go to a channel in the mixer. Click the plugin browser icon at the top.
  • In the search bar, type “Serum“. The Serum plugin will pop up. 
  • Double-click it to load an instance onto the channel.

The Serum interface will launch. That’s it! Serum is now successfully installed in FL Studio.

What’s So Special About Serum VST?

Now that you’ve got Serum installed, let’s chat about why it’s such an amazing synth.

In my opinion, Serum sounds cleaner and sharper than any other soft synth. 

The analog-modeled filters and effects give it warmth when needed. But overall, the sound is pristine.

Top 5 Favorite Serum VST Features

FeatureWhy We Love It
Wavetable OscillatorsTons of wavetables to choose from. Intuitive visual editing.
Visual WorkflowSeeing the sound lets you design sounds by ear and visually.
Flexible ModulationThe mod matrix makes complex modulation routing easy.
High-Quality EffectsFabFilter-style filters and FX polish off your sound design.
Serum FX PluginDoubles as an effects plugin for processing audio tracks.

The wavetable oscillators blow my mind. You can blend between multiple tables, edit individual wave cycles, import wavetables, and more.

This makes it easy to create totally unique sounds.

Serum’s workflow is visual – you see the waveforms and modulations. This helps you “see” the sound design process, not just hear it. I learned so much about synthesis just by tweaking Serum’s knobs.

The modulation matrix seems infinitely flexible. I can route multiple mod sources like LFOs and envelopes however I want. This makes complex modulation a breeze.

Serum’s effects sound amazing too. The filters, distortion, delay, and reverb polish up your sound design.

We often use Serum FX on other tracks too.

With that said, Serum takes synth sound design into the future.

The limitless sonic possibilities inspire me to create truly innovative electronic music. 

Serum Alternatives Worth Trying

Serum has been one of the go-to synths for a lot of music producers.

massive VST

Here are some other great options:

  • Sylenth1: Workhorse virtual analog synth. Great for trance plucks and pad sounds.Cleaner and more CPU-friendly than Serum.
  • Phase Plant: Modular hybrid synth with a unique interface. Another great visual synth from Kilohearts.
  • Pigments: Arturia’s advanced wavetable synth. Similar to Serum but also has analog/sampling/granular engines.
  • Massive X: Native Instruments flagship virtual analog synth. Intuitive drag-and-drop modulation.
  • Vital: Free and open-source wavetable synth from Matt Tytel. Surprisingly full-featured for a free plugin.

It’s worth demoing other synths, even if you already own Serum. Different workflow and features can inspire new ideas.

I always come across newly released VSTs that are worth a try on KVRaudio and other sources.


But for me, Serum is still the #1 toolkit synth for all styles of electronic music.

Many electronic music producers swear by it and couldn’t live without it in their home studio.

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Does Serum Work On Mac As Well As Pc?

Yes, Serum works flawlessly on Mac with the same installation process. Make sure you choose the right VST folder location on Mac.

One question I see come up a lot in music production forums is whether Serum can be used on Mac as well as PC. The good news is, Xfer Records has ensured Serum is fully compatible with both operating systems.

When you purchase Serum, you’ll receive separate download links for the Mac and PC versions. 

Regardless of which DAW you use – Logic, Ableton Live, GarageBand on Mac, or FL Studio on PC – Serum can be installed and will show up as a plugin option. The interface, presets, and functionality all translate smoothly between the two.

In my experience using Serum on both my Apple and Windows machines over the years, I’ve never encountered any compatibility issues.

The plugin behaves and sounds identical. 

For quick testing and better workflow, we recommend using a MIDI keyboard for playing around with the free presets included in Serum.

AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3

Akai MPC Keyboard

Check On Amazon

What’s also great about Serum is that it will work on other DAWs and systems as well.

Installation is simple – just follow the prompts on-screen and Serum VST will integrate seamlessly with your other VSTs or Audio Units.

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Do I Need iLok to Run Serum VST?

No, Serum does not use iLok. Serum uses its own license activation within the plugin itself.

When you purchase Serum, you’ll receive an email with license activation codes. To authorize the plugin, all you need to do is enter these codes on the Xfer website when prompted. 

The licenses are then tied to your Xfer account.

After authorization, you can install and run Serum wherever you want – other computers, studios, live rigs, etc.

No additional hardware dongles or internet checks are required. The activation codes unlock the plugin itself.

Not having to deal with iLok is a plus in my book. It makes Serum easy to move around freely and not rely on extra hardware.

Just log into your Xfer account to re-download if needed. 

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Is There A Way To Rent-To-Own Or Subscribe To Serum?

Yes, Splice and Plugin Boutique both offer rent-to-own payment plans. This allows you to pay off Serum over 12-24 months.

image 13

The good news is, Xfer Records now offers two affordable payment plans for those who can’t swing the total cost all at once.

First is a rent-to-own option through Plugin Boutique. For around $15/month, you can use Serum for as long as you continue paying.

Once it’s paid off after 12 months, the plugin is yours to keep forever.

The other option is a subscription model directly through Xfer Records. For only $10/month, you get continuous access to the latest Serum version. 

Please keep in mind that your payment pauses if you skip a month, no interest or installments. And since it’s subscription-based, upgrades are included if new features are added.

Personally, I think these plans make Serum accessible to much more of the music production community. 

They allow you to spread out the investment over time. Both plans also offer the flexibility to pause or cancel anytime. 

Can I Import My Own Wavetables Into Serum?

Yes, you can drag and drop wavetables files onto Serum’s interface to load them into oscillators.

One of the really cool things about Serum is the ability to import your own custom wavetables. This opens up a whole world of creative sound design possibilities.

To add your own wavetables, just drop wav/aif files into the default “Samples” folder located within your Serum plugin folder. They’ll then automatically be available from the Wavetable browser inside the plugin.

You can import anything from basic waveforms to unique samples you’ve recorded. The editors in Serum also allow extensive editing and sculpting of imported wavetables.

I’ve found this feature very inspiring – combing through different files to discover new timbres.

It truly expands the sonic choice beyond the bank of wavetables included with Serum.

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Wrapping Up – Install Serum VST in FL Studio

Installing Serum into your FL Studio workflow is easy and straightforward. Simply purchase Serum, run the installer, point it to your plugins folder, and scan on launch. 

With just a few clicks, this powerhouse synth is ready to elevate your music production.

The Bottom line – if you want to design rich, futuristic sounds quickly, Serum is essential.

Between the wavetables, filters, and FX, Serum can generate any timbre you need. It will become the centerpiece of your sound palette.


Is there any way to get Serum for free?

There is a 3-day free trial of Serum available on the Splice rent-to-own website, but there is no legal way to get the full version of Serum for free.

How much does Serum VST cost?

As of January 2024, the cost of Serum ranges from $189 to $209, depending on the vendor and whether it is purchased outright or through a rent-to-own scheme.

How many presets does serum have?

Serum plugin comes with over 450 presets and 144 wavetables.

How do I download Serum on Windows?

To download Serum on Windows, you need to download the installer from your account page on Xfer’s site or from the Splice client if you use Rent to Own. Then, run the full version installer and restart your DAW. You also need to set your DAW to look for VST Plugins at the location where you installed Serum.

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