Does Cubase Have Autotune? Discover Pitch Correction Features

If you are a music producer or vocalist, you’re probably familiar with Autotune and its ability to enhance vocal performances. 

Cubase is a popular digital audio workstation used by many music creators, and you may be wondering if it includes an Autotune feature.

It is compatible with popular Autotune plugins and integrates seamlessly with other digital audio workstations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cubase 12 has an Autotune feature
  • It includes various pitch correction tools
  • It is compatible with popular Autotune plugins
  • Cubase 12 integrates seamlessly with other digital audio workstations

Does Cubase Pro 12 have Autotune?

Yes, Cubase has Autotune. It is called VariAudio, and it is a powerful tool for pitch correction and editing. 

VariAudio allows you to correct the pitch of individual notes in a vocal recording, or even to create the “Auto-Tune” effect.

To use VariAudio, you first need to create a VariAudio editor for the track that contains the vocal recording. You can do this by right-clicking on the track and selecting “Create VariAudio Editor”.

Once the VariAudio editor is open, you can select the notes that you want to correct. You can do this by clicking on the notes with the mouse, or by using the keyboard shortcuts.

Once you have selected the notes, you can then adjust their pitch by dragging them up or down. 

You can also use the “Pitch Correction” slider to adjust the overall pitch of the selection.

VariAudio also includes a number of other features that can be used to edit the pitch of a vocal recording. 

These features include:

  • The “Scale Assistant” can be used to ensure that the notes are always in key.
  • The “Warp” tool can be used to stretch or compress the pitch of a selection.
  • The “Formant Correction” tool can be used to adjust the formant of a selection, which is the characteristic sound of a particular voice.

VariAudio is a powerful tool that can be used to correct the pitch of vocal recordings, or to create the “Auto-Tune” effect. It is available in all versions 9, 10, 11, and 12 of Cubase Pro.

Cubase Pitch Correct and Autotune are both pitch correction plugins that can be used to correct the pitch of vocal recordings.

Differences between VariAudio and Autotune.

  • VariAudio (Cubase Pitch Correct) is a more comprehensive tool than Autotune. It offers a wider range of features, including the ability to edit the pitch of individual notes, the formant of a selection, and the overall pitch of a track.
  • Autotune is more specialized than VariAudio. It is designed specifically to create the “Auto-Tune” effect, which is a very specific sound that is often used in pop music.
  • VariAudio is more transparent than Autotune. When used subtly, VariAudio can be used to correct the pitch of a vocal recording without making it sound unnatural. Autotune, on the other hand, can often produce a more noticeable effect.

In the end, the best pitch correction plugin for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, then VariAudio is a good option. 

If you’re specifically looking to create the “Auto-Tune” effect, then Autotune is a better choice.

Key differences between Cubase 12 Pitch Correct and Autotune:

FeatureCubase 12 Pitch CorrectAutotune
FeaturesPitch correction, formant correction, warping, editing of individual notesPitch correction, formant correction
SpecializationGeneral-purposeSpecific to the “Auto-Tune” effect
TransparencyMore transparentLess transparent
Best forA variety of tasksCreating the “Auto-Tune” effect

How to Open Variaudio in Cubase 12

The simplest method is to double-click directly on the audio event in the Project window. This will launch the Sample Editor with the Variaudio tab ready to go. Alternatively, you can right-click the event and select “Open in Variaudio” from the menu.

For even faster access, set up a key command to activate Variaudio instantly. Go to Preferences > Key Commands and search for “Variaudio.” Assign it a shortcut like Shift+V and you can enable it with a simple keystroke.

The Inspector panel also has options to launch Variaudio. Click the “AudioWarp” tab and tick the “Use Variaudio” checkbox. Or hit the “Edit with Variaudio” button.

There are so many routes to activate VariAudio and no reason not to take advantage of Variaudio’s capabilities in Cubase. 

A few clicks and you’ll be editing audio easier than ever before.

Exploring the Pitch Correction Features in Cubase 

If you’re a music producer or a vocalist, you know the importance of pitch correction in achieving a polished sound.

Cubase offers a variety of pitch correction features, including its own autotuning capabilities, dedicated plugin, and integration with external Autotune software.

Auto-Tuning in Cubase 

Cubase 12’s built-in autotune feature is a powerful tool for correcting vocal pitch in real time. The software is capable of detecting and instantly correcting off-key notes to ensure a smooth and consistent vocal performance.

The autotune feature in Cubase 12 is easy to use and provides a range of customization options. 

You can adjust the speed and intensity of the correction, as well as the specific scale or key you want to use.

Cubase Autotune Plugin

In addition to its built-in autotune feature, Cubase 12 also offers a dedicated Autotune plugin. 

This plugin provides a more advanced set of tools and options than the built-in feature, allowing for even greater customization and control over pitch correction.

The Cubase 12 Autotune plugin is compatible with both monophonic and polyphonic performances, making it a versatile option for correcting vocals, guitars, and other instruments.

Cubase and Autotune Integration

Cubase offers seamless integration with external Autotune software, including the popular Steinberg Pitch Correct. 

This integration allows for even more precise and customizable pitch correction options.

Cubase has excellent compatibility with other DAWs and plugins

Whether you use FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, or Pro Tools, you can easily incorporate Cubase Pro’s autotuning capabilities into your workflow.

Overall, Cubase Pro 12’s pitch correction tools are a valuable asset for any music producer or vocalist. 

With its autotuning capabilities, dedicated plugin, and integration options, Cubase offers everything you need to achieve a polished and professional sound.

Enhancing Vocal Performances with Cubase 12’s Pitch Correction Tools

Autotune is a powerful tool that can help enhance vocal performances in a variety of ways. With Cubase 12’s pitch correction tools, you can easily utilize Autotune to improve the quality of your vocals.

The autotune feature in Cubase is easy to use, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly tune your vocals. Cubase also has excellent autotune support, providing you with the tools you need to achieve the perfect pitch.

Cubase 12’s pitch correction tools are vast and varied. With the Variaudio feature, you can fine-tune individual notes and adjust the timing and pitch of your vocals. 

On top of that, the Scale Assistant feature helps you stay in key, providing guidance on the correct scale and key for your performance.

If you’re looking to achieve the famous auto-tune sound, Cubase 12 has you covered. With Autotune, Variaudio, and Scale Assistant working in tandem, you can easily achieve the sound you want.

Cubase 12’s pitch correction tools are also useful for artists. With autotuning monophonic performances, you can adjust pitch and intonation to create the perfect vocal performance. 

On top of all that, vocal tuning is quick and easy with Cubase, allowing you to focus more on the creative aspects of your music.

If you’re a user of Steinberg’s Pitch Correct, you’ll be pleased to know that it is now fully integrated with Cubase. 

Cubase also supports 3rd party Autotune plugins, offering greater flexibility and options for vocal effects.

Cubase 12 Autotune Integration and Compatibility with Other DAWs and Plugins

Cubase 12’s Autotune feature is useful for any producer or artist looking to enhance their vocal performances. However, you may wonder about its integration and compatibility with other DAWs and plugins.

Pitch shifter plugins can further augment pitch correction tasks when working with Cubase. 

On top of this, the DAW’s CPU efficiency is a standout feature, ensuring that your computer doesn’t slow down while using the Autotune plugin.

If you use DAWs other than Cubase 12, you’ll be happy to learn that the Autotune feature from Cubase 12 can be utilized in other popular DAWs such as FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, and Pro Tools.

On top of vocal effects, Cubase 12 provides an accurate tuning method for monophonic performances. 

When using Cubase, you can employ Steinberg Pitch Correct, a built-in pitch correction plugin, or 3rd party Autotune plugins.

The Autotune feature in Cubase ensures that your vocal performances are enhanced and stand out. 

With its compatibility, pitch correction tools, and integration options, Cubase is an excellent choice for Autotune and pitch correction needs.

Final Thoughts – Does Cubase Have AutoTune

Now that you’ve explored the Autotune features in Cubase, you can see just how powerful this software can be for enhancing your vocal performances. 

With its compatibility with external Autotune software, integration with other DAWs, and pitch correction tools like Variaudio and Scale Assistant, Cubase 12 offers a comprehensive autotune solution for musicians and producers alike.

Whether you’re looking for that famous Auto-Tune sound or simply want to fine-tune your vocal performances, Cubase Pro has everything you need. 

And with its CPU efficiency and support for 3rd party Autotune plugins, you can be sure that your autotuning tasks will always run smoothly.


Does Cubase 12 have Autotune?

Yes, Cubase Pro 12 includes an Autotune feature.

What is the compatibility of Cubase 12 with Autotune?

Cubase is compatible with Autotune, allowing users to use Autotune VST capabilities within the software.

What Autotune features are available in Cubase?

Cubase offers various Autotune features, such as pitch correction tools like Variaudio and Scale Assistant, allowing users to enhance vocal performances.

Can I use Autotune in Cubase?

Yes, you can use Autotune in Cubase 12 to achieve the famous auto-tune sound and enhance vocal performances.

Is Cubase Pro 12’s Autotune compatible with other DAWs and plugins?

Cubase’s Autotune feature is compatible with popular DAWs like FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, and Pro Tools. It also supports 3rd party Autotune plugins, providing flexibility for users.