Is The Free Trial of FL Studio Good? (Checked For 2024)

Ever sat at your computer, itching to start creating music but unsure if FL Studio was truly the right DAW for you?

I’ve been there countless times, staring at that big blue “Download Trial” button and wondering – is this free trial even worth my time? Will I really be able to get a good feel for the software in just 30 days?

In this article, I’m going to dive into everything the FL Studio trial has to offer and answer all those pesky questions holding you back.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of just how much you can really do during the trial period.

Let’s forget the doubts and dive right in

How long does FL Studio free trial last?

The free trial version of FL Studio lets you try out the DAW for 30 days. That’s plenty of time to get a good feel for the software and see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

During those 30 days you can experiment with all of the features and really get a sense of the workflow.

Some other DAWs only offer 7-day or 14-day trials, so I feel like FL Studio gives users a fair shot at exploring everything it has to offer.

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What can you do with the free trial of FL Studio?

With the free trial, you can do basically everything a paid user can do except save and reopen projects.

You get full access to the arrange window, step sequencer, pianoroll, samples, VST instruments and effects, and more.

You can compose full songs, add loops, record audio, arrange patterns – essentially your entire creative process. The only limitations are that you can’t save projects to reopen later.

But it’s a great way to learn the interface, try out features, and get familiar with the workflow before making a purchase.

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What’s included in FL Studio Trial:

FeatureIncluded in Trial?
Arranger/Song ViewYes
Step SequencerYes
Piano RollYes
Sample EditorYes
Synth PluginsYes
Effects PluginsYes
Recording AudioYes
Mixer/Send TracksYes
Project SavingNo*

*You can work on projects but not save to reopen later once trial expires.

Can FL Studio free trial use plugins?

Yup, the demo gives you full access to all Virtual Studio Technology (VST) instruments and effects plugins that are installed on your system.

This includes the plugins that come bundled with FL Studio itself as well as any third-party VSTs you may have.

You can load up Sylenth1, Massive, Serum – whatever you’ve got – and incorporate them into your beats and melodies.

It’s a really nice perk compared to some DAW trials that only include basic built-in plugins.

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Why is my FL Studio still in trial mode?

There are a few reasons your FL Studio installation may remain in trial mode even after 30 days:

  • You’re using an older version – FL Studio updates their trials occasionally so older releases may not have the full 30 days.
  • You changed your system clock – The trial period is based on your computer’s clock. Rolling it back can trick FL into thinking less time has passed.
  • You’re not logged into the online authorization – FL Studio trials need to periodically ping Image-Line servers for authorization. No internet means it can’t verify.
  • Image-Line deactivated your trial – They monitor for abusive behaviors like trial looping. Repeated reinstalls will get your computer blacklisted.

If none of those help, contact Image-Line support. They’re usually pretty good about resolving any trial issues.

What are the limitations of FL Studio demo?

The main limitations are that you cannot save projects in the FL Studio demo. While you can record and arrange full songs, if you close the project or FL Studio it will be lost and cannot be reopened.

Some other minor limitations include:

  • Rendered audio is cut off at 30 seconds
  • Export functionality is disabled
  • No access to online help or forums
  • No third-party plugins browser

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Can you record audio on FL Studio demo?

Yes, you definitely have full audio recording capabilities even in the demo! You can record virtual instruments, microphone audio, or line-in just like the paid version of FL Studio.

The process for setting up an audio track and recording is the same between the demo and full software. Just add an audio track, select your input, hit record, and you’re good to go.

This is super helpful as it allows you to get real instruments and vocals down as you’re making beats and testing out the software.

The only catch is if you close the project without saving, that audio will be lost like the rest of the project. But it’s still a great way to try recording during the trial period.

We hope this gives you a better idea about what you can do with the FL Studio trial and helps answer any questions!

The free trial is a fantastic way to see if the workflow and features are a good fit before purchasing.

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Final Thought – Is The Free Trial of FL Studio Good?

As we wrap up, the free trial version of FL Studio definitely gives users an ample opportunity to decide if it’s the right DAW choice for their workflow and music production needs.

Is The Free Trial of FL Studio Good in 2023?

While you can’t save projects, that shouldn’t discourage you from fully experimenting with the software during the 30 days.

If by the end you feel inspired by FL Studio’s approach and have made progress on songs you’re proud of, then for me it’s a sign the full version may be worth purchasing.

But if it’s still not quite clicking, there’s no harm done by simply letting the trial expire. Either way, the free trial is certainly good enough to make an informed decision.


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