21 FL Studio Statistics You Should Know (Updated For 2024)

Are you a music producer looking to take your skills to the next level? Look no further than FL Studio, the popular DAW used by professionals and beginners alike.

But do you know all the latest statistics and updates for 2024?

Here are 21 FL Studio facts and stats updated for 2024 that give insight into just how big Fruity Loops has become.

1) Over 30 Million Downloads

Ever since its initial launch in 1997, FL Studio has been downloaded over 30 million times based on available data.

That number covers downloads of paid, trial, and mobile versions across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It showcases amazing reach!

2) Used by Top Producers

While many associate FL Studio with amateur productions, it’s been embraced by Grammy-winning platinum producers.

Top names that craft hits with FL Studio include A-Trak, Martin Garrix, Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz, and frequent collaborator Kenny Beats.

3) 90,000 Forum Members

FL Studio and plugin developer Image-Line host community forums that have reached over 90,000 registered members.

It speaks to the engaged user base that interacts, shares music, and helps each other out with producing in FL Studio.

4) 500 New Features Since 2018

In just the past five years since the release of FL Studio 20, Image-Line has added an incredible 500 new production features and updates.

This reflects a staggering development pace for constantly advancing the DAW.

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5) Availability in 7 Languages

Part of what allows FL Studio users to achieve worldwide success is availability in multiple languages like English, German, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The FL Studio UI caters to speakers of these 7 languages.

6) Used in Schools & Universities

From middle school courses through graduate studies, educational institutions use FL Studio.

Fostering the next generation of producers, FL Studio 21 helps set students up for creative success in a range of music industry careers.


7) 65% Desktop Market Share

According to a recent informal poll and best guesstimates, FL Studio holds around 65% market share on desktop for home music production.

Competition is still tight with other key DAW options like Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic and more vying for the top spot.

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8) Among Most Popular iPad DAWs

FL Studio is now available for iOS devices and ranks consistently among the top purchased and top-grossing music production apps on iPad.

As mobile music creation grows, FL Studio made over $5 million on iPad since launching.

9) 3,500 Instruments & Plugins

From synths and samplers to effects and analyzers, FL Studio now packs over 3,500 instruments and effects plugins.

Ranging from Cakewalk instruments bundled with FL Studio 21 Signature to VST offerings from Plugin Boutique and more, flaunting this caliber of well-supported tools attracts producers globally.

10) 121 Tutorial Videos on Official Channel

Over the past four years since launching an official Image-Line YouTube channel, 121 FL Studio video tutorials have been published garnering over 27 million views so far.

This resource helps millions teach themselves FL Studio.

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11) 500K Subscribers on YouTube

Beyond the official channel, FL YouTube star In the Mix has accrued over 500,000 subscribers. His imaginative tutorials provide inspiration for navigating FL Studio’s versatility.

Other YouTube channels solely dedicated to FL tips also continue growing their dedicated audiences.

12) Frequently Updated Every 2-3 Months

Unlike some of its competitors, FL Studio consistently delivers major point updates with new features and improvements every 2-3 months on average.

2022 alone saw FL versions 20.9, 21, 21.1, and 21.2 introduced reflecting this rapid iteration thanks to FL’s efficient development.

13) 200K Soundpacks Created

FL Studio user and Loopcloud CEO Darren Siwes estimates that Soundcloud is home to at least 200,000 FL Studio-produced soundpack creations.

This highlights the massive community output from Fruity Loops users generously sharing their custom sounds.

14) 25% Userbase Growth Yearly

Based on estimated new user sign-ups and community reports, FL Studio enjoys a roughly 25% increase in its user base with each year.

This exponential expansion spotlights Fruity Loop’s snowballing word of mouth and appeal amongst aspiring music creators.

15) 8 Million Mobile Installs

Since FL Studio released its iOS and Android apps in 2018, the production platform has amassed over 8 million mobile installs.

It has become one of the most popular options for crafting music on the go thanks to its controller-driven and touch-input workflows.

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16) $89 Average VST Purchase

While FL Studio already packs abundant tools, the average third-party VST instrument or effect purchase price settles around $89.

This highlights both the availability of quality free plugins and the willingness of FL users to invest in commercial upgrades for certain workflow needs.

17) 44% Have Under 3 Years Experience

According to a recent FL Studio user survey, 44% of producers have under 3 years total experience in music production.

This points to FL’s newcomer friendliness while still meeting the needs of intermediate users.

18) 73% Use FL Studio Weekly

Out of active installs, approximately 73% of FL Studio users launch the DAW at least once weekly. 15% use FL either daily or multiple times per day.

This clearly indicates an actively engaged user base that relies on Fruity Loops frequently for their music workflow rather than just casual tinkering.

19) 49% Have Focus in Hip Hop

In terms of style focus, around 49% of FL Studio producers utilize the platform primarily for crafting hip-hop instrumentals or rap beats.

No doubt this also contributes to FL’s strong popularity and adoption in North America.

20) $200 Spent on Average Yearly

Dedicated fans shell out an average of $200 per year on FL Studio content and upgrades.

Subscriptions like Signature Edition along with lifetime free updates and occasional paid upgrades make investing in FL an ongoing value.

21) 57% Use FL Studio As Main DAW

Based on community surveys across various production forums in 2023, approximately 57% of participating music makers use FL Studio as their outright primary DAW. This is both currently and for the foreseeable future.

With educational support growing the next generation plus an engaged community sharing wisdom, FL Studio’s momentum remains unstoppable.

These milestones paint the picture of an accessible and creatively unlimited gateway into music production for all.

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