Free Slate Digital Plugin: Fresh Air Free For A Limited Time

All producers want to achieve a smooth and polished sound. But, controlling high-frequency content without adding harshness can be a challenge.

That’s where Slate Digital’s Fresh Air plugin comes in. Originally released as a free plugin for Black Friday 2020, it has quickly become a fan favorite. And now, for a limited time, it’s back as a free download.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into this revolutionary plugin, exploring its features, benefits, and how you can get it for yourself.

So let’s get started!

What is Slate Digital Fresh Air and What Does it Do?

In short, Fresh Air is an intelligent plugin that lets you boost high frequencies and add airy brilliance to your mixes, masters, and individual tracks.

It uses processing based on classic Dolby-A noise reduction systems combined with modern exciter technology.

The result is lifted treble detail and highlights without any of the grating or brittle artifacts you’d typically get from overdoing EQ or other methods.

The Free Slate Digital Plugin Fresh Air makes everything sound crisper and more professional.

But it’s not just a blunt EQ alternative. Fresh Air is dynamic, responding intelligently based on your audio. It adds sheen precisely where needed while avoiding over-processing. This makes it suitable for full mixes or dialing in vocals, guitars, drums, and more.

Imagine being able to snap your fingers and give any track extra polish and presence. That’s the magic of Fresh Air.

Let’s look under the hood…

How Does Fresh Air VST Actually Work?

Fresh Air utilizes two core processing controls:

Mid Air – For boosting high-midrange around 2-8 kHz. This adds clarity and detail, perfect for vocals, guitars, cymbals, and other mid-focused instruments.

High Air – For lifting super-high frequencies above 8 kHz up to 20 kHz. This brings out air and sparkle.

These two bands cover the key areas for highlighting detail and excitement in your audio. But it’s not just generic EQ-style filters.

The Free Slate Digital Plugin Fresh Air combines dynamic multiband compression with harmonic generation and other analog-modeled processing.

Together, these elements allow precise, musical lifts exactly where needed without crossing over into harsh territory.

Plus, you can link the controls and tweak both bands together to find the sweet spot easily. The processing adapts dynamically to your audio source across time for smooth results.

How to Get Slate Digital Fresh Air For Free

Want to start enjoying smooth, shimmering high-end on your tracks instantly? Getting Fresh Air is quick and easy:

  1. Visit Slate Digital Online – Hit the link below and create a free Slate account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Provide Your iLok ID – Fresh Air uses iLok license management, so enter your iLok user ID. No iLok dongle is required though!
  3. Run the Installer – Access the plugin installer through the Slate Digital download manager app. Or use the direct installer link.
  4. Authorize in iLok – Launch your DAW and open the iLok license manager to activate Fresh Air.
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Once authorized, Fresh Air will appear in your plugin list ready to use in your DAW of choice. It’s compatible with all major hosts on Mac and Windows systems.

Now you can instantly enhance any audio source with a glistening top end!

But remember…this free deal won’t last forever. Grab the Free Slate Digital Fresh Air Plugin today before the offer expires.

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Why Get Slate Digital Fresh Air Over Other Exciters?

Excitation or saturation effects that boost highs are certainly nothing new in audio production. So why choose Fresh Air over other options?

Here are a few key advantages:

  • Intelligent Dynamic Processing – Fresh Air responds organically to your source material. It won’t overly process or introduce harsh artifacts. The results sound extremely smooth and musical.
  • Natural Harmonic Generation – Many exciters create artificial-sounding distortion or aliasing when pushed too far. Fresh Air generates musically pleasing harmonics more like analog tape saturation.
  • Simple Controls – With just Mid Air, High Air, Link, and Gain, Fresh Air keeps things straightforward. You can dial in silky treble enhancement without getting lost tweaking dozens of parameters.
  • A/B Snapshots – Instantly compare settings or audition Fresh Air on multiple tracks thanks to the handy A/B snapshots. This really speeds up your workflow.
  • Free! – Obviously, scoring this exceptional sound-shaping tool without paying a dime makes Fresh Air extremely enticing. Expand your mixing palette without hurting your wallet.

Now let’s walk through applying Fresh Air to various common scenarios.

Using Slate Digital Fresh Air on Full Mixes

One of Fresh Air’s most useful applications is enhancing the brightness and detail on full stereo mixes.

Try inserting it on your master bus right before your final limiter. Then toggle the Mid Air and High Air knobs while turned down initially to get a feel for how each band shapes the tonality.

Bring them up slowly and you’ll hear the crispness emerge without added harshness. The effect is subtle but really makes mixes shine.

Linking the controls makes overall tweaking easy. You can also A/B between processed and unprocessed versions to judge if you prefer the punch Fresh Air adds.

Just watch the output level so you don’t slam your limiter too hot. The integrated gain trim knob makes it easy to match levels.

And remember, a little Fresh Air goes a long way on full mixes. You don’t need extreme excitation to make things shimmer.

Using Slate Digital Fresh Air on Individual Tracks

Beyond full mixes, the Free Slate Digital Fresh Air Plugin also excels at enhancing particular tracks that need more presence and detail like:

  • Vocals – Mid Air around 3-5 kHz adds stunning clarity to vocals without sibilance. This makes vocals cut through mixes cleanly.
  • Acoustic Guitar – High Air helps strumming and fingerpicking pop with beautiful articulation.
  • Electric Guitar – Mid Air makes searing solos and chunky riffs slice perfectly.
  • Drums – High Air emphasizes crisp cymbals and snappy snares.
  • Piano – With both bands linked, you can make piano parts gleam gracefully.

The key is applying just enough excitation on key tracks to make them radiant without overcooking things. Fresh Air’s dynamic response really helps here.

Try it on any track you want shimmering and direct without harshness. It takes the guesswork out of precision treble boosting.

What Genres Can Benefit from Fresh Air?

Thanks to its versatility, Fresh Air excels at heightening detail across many musical genres including:

Rock – Give guitars and cymbals added crunch while keeping vocals smooth.

Pop – Vocals gain sizzling presence to cut through dense arrangements.

Hip Hop – High hats, snares, and samples achieve knockout punch.

EDM – Lead synths and percussive top loops shine brightly in the mix.

Jazz – Mid Air makes acoustic instruments snap together with vibrance.

Orchestral – Help woodwinds and brass glimmer without strident edges.

Of course, the possibilities extend far beyond just these examples. Fresh Air is a universally beneficial mixing tool.

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Final Thoughts – Free Slate Digital Plugin Fresh Air

Slate Digital’s Fresh Air plugin is a game-changer in the world of music production. Its ability to add brilliance and excitement without harshness makes it a valuable tool for any producer.

And with its current offer of being available as a free download, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Whether you’re a beginner in music production or a seasoned pro, Fresh Air has something to offer for everyone.

So don’t wait any longer, head over to the Slate Digital website and get your hands on this fantastic plugin now.

Your final mixes will thank you.

FAQ’s on Free Slate Digital Plugin

What exactly does Fresh Air do?

It’s an intelligent exciter that adds smooth brightness and detail to high frequencies.

What audio sources does it work well on?

Full mixes, individual tracks like vocals and guitars, drums, and more.

How do I get this free plugin deal?

Visit Slate Digital’s site, create an account, provide your iLok ID, and run the installer.

Does this require an iLok dongle?

No dongle is needed, just an iLok account to authorize.

Is there a catch to Fresh Air being free?

No catch, but the promo won’t last forever so download now!